Stand25 is the joy of cuisine taken as seriously as possible by Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll, at the market of Hold utca. It's not a final farewell, but an exciting detour from the world of fine dining, where there's only one rule: not to compromise when it comes to quality and ingredients. Freestyle Hungarian kitchen, in a cozy, friendly bistro, where the service managed by Ibolya Csahók is as caring as in a top restaurant, but in a much more informal style. The philosophy of the bistro stands on the respect of the ingredients: every ingredient becomes a dish when it is in it’s prime. On the menu of Stand25 there are some emblematic dishes that are associated with Szabina and Tamás, such as gulash and potato casserole. But beyond this there's a much more spontaneous offering, which depends on the available, high quality, seasonal Hungarian products. Almost uniquely at the market, the coffee is excellent. When it comes to drinks, there is a fine selection of mostly Hungarian wines, handcrafted beers, different kind of gin tonics and champagne on the menu.